Who is SSEG?

Who is SSEG?

Anna Dimo President
Jonathon Ngor Vice President
Warren Hopley Chairperson
Mark Rix Communications
Laura Barry Treasurer
Fran Kanaan Secretary
Peter Reed Architect
Brendan Quail Builder
Simon Dunlop Builder
Helen Campbell
Sarah Thompson

Anna Dimo

When Anna first returned to Sudan in 2006 she saw the schools of her childhood in ruins and the lack of educational opportunity for girls due to the devastation of a 20 year war. As a result, Anna became even more motivated to pursue her dream to give young women growing up in South Sudan the same opportunities she had had before the war…Read More…

Johnson Ngor

“I was born Johnson Ngor in 1978 in Aweil, Southern Sudan. My father named me Garang, meaning ‘the first man’. Some people may know me as Jonathon. In the 1980’s civil war broke out and my father strongly opposed the Government. As a result, he fled to Ethiopia for safety…”Read More…


Creating an opportunity for young women to shape the future of South Sudan

SSEG is a charity organisation set up and run by Sudanese people living in Australia with the help of some Australian school teachers and community members.

Members of the SSEG committee have been inspired by the story of Anna Dimo and her dream to enable women to be educated participants in the rebuilding of South Sudan.

Our Mission at SSEG is to provide increased educational access and opportunities for girls in Southern Sudan. To achieve this, SSEG is building a girls’ high school in the town of Aweil and aims to contribute to the rebuilding of Southern Sudan by increasing education levels in the country (after a 21 year period of severe lack of education due to war).

The high school will provide high quality academic learning, as well as vocational and life skills classes to empower girls to participate in the rebuilding of the country. The school aims to be self-sufficient in water usage, gas and power needs. 100% of funds raised go directly to the building and development of the school. We believe…Educate a woman, Educate a nation.
While onsite of the SSEG school Anna and Johnson decided the name of the school would be Mary MacKillop College!

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