News from Anna and Helen in Aweil


It is wonderful to be back in Aweil and to see the incredible progress that has been made since I was here last.

We arrived in Aweil airport on Friday and were taken straight to the school to see it and to inspect the site. When we returned to Aweil we had a meeting.

At Building Site

·       The school is in an area called Malou.  As we approached the area we saw that a lot of land is being cleared for buildings. Where the school is situated the land is in its natural state. There are people, near the school, living in grass houses. They are some of the people who  have returned from Khartoum.

·       The school building is very well constructed and it looks great. The four classrooms and the roof are well represented in the photos we received.

·       We walked around the boundaries. It is a huge block of land. The boundaries are marked by trees and we have photos of the trees.

·       There are many large trees on the land … including at least one beautiful mahogany. We will get more specific information on our next trip. Also we saw many small trees.

·       We also have photos of the church under the trees that is currently on our land, and they showed us where the church will move when we start operating.

·       On our next visit we will get answers to all the questions on Peter’s list.

·       We took a lot of photos of the building and the site in general.

Today we arranged to visit the building site again tomorrow(Sunday) after mass. We will take Peter’s questions and a drawing on which to mark anything we can.

Last night we met the National Minister of Education, from Juba. He is here with a team of Ministers and experts from Rumbek assessing all the schools in Aweil and making priority plans for the future. It is very impressive to see them at work and to hear about what they are doing. On Monday we will visit the Ministry of Education here and discuss our school.

From Anna and Helen

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