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Take a look at our pictures to see where we are with recent constructions.

November 2013

Check out these FANTASTIC photos from Helen’s recent trip to Aweil. Four high school classrooms complete and ready for new students in January 2014! There are also some great photos of our students in Primary 1 & Primary 2. We hope to see some of these girls in our new high school classrooms next year! Thanks Helen for these great photos.


September 2013

Some more impressive photos of our new classrooms!


July 2013

The first photos of our 4 new high school classrooms! They are situated on our new land which is higher and only 5 mins drive from the town of Aweil. We are very excited to have these classrooms built before the rainy season begins. Can’t wait to see more photos when Anna returns in December!


January 2013

Photos from Simon and Johnson trip back to Aweil to complete the first buildings on our original site. These rooms are currently being used as a primary school for girls, but will be converted to teacher and volunteer accommodation in 2014.


December 2011

Some gorgeous shots from Anne and Helen’s trip to Aweil in December.


July 2011

Our project brought to life! After much set back due to a terrible wet season and flloding, Simon and Johnson are there to finally see our first building built. Currently used as a primary school for girls due to its location and based on the need in this local area, this initial building will eventually become our staff accommodation!

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