From our builder, Simon:

The dormitory site, close to the town center of Aweil is complete and functioning temporarily as primary school.

The site made available for the High School has been subject to some significant monsoon flooding. Construction on this site has been delayed pending an assessment of the extent of flooding and any necessary flood abatement measures. Monsoon flooding is a major problem around Aweil and has been exacerbated by the recent, ad hoc construction of elevated roads around the town which trap flood waters.

The reliable supply of building materials has become more difficult. Most materials are imported from Sudan and the instability in the northern border areas has affected both supply and cost. There is also evidence of profiteering by Sudanese suppliers  north of the border. Last year for example a bag of cement cost about the same as it costs in Australia (about $8 for a 40kg bag). This year prices have increased to as much as $50 a bag.

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