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Dear all our supporters of Mary Mackillop College Sudan,

It has been a very busy and good experience since I arrived at Aweil Sudan in December 2010. Last year we did a bit of work and this year we started beautifully.

First the experience of voting for referendum was overwhelming. It was like western world election. That was for the first time in Sudan to have such an election. 99.57% of voters voted for separation. And the country will be officially declare on the 9th of July this year.

For our projection, I finished the roof of the two classrooms we had started last year and built another two classrooms with only iron sheet to be put on the roof.

The local community and the government are very happy with the Australian community for their support. The country which was destroy by 21 years war is desperate trying to rebuild the young nation. They are going to have their first boarding school for girls in the whole state. We only can afford to accommodate 200 students but we are expecting 1000 students to enroll where we will have vacancies only for 20% of the applicants.

Your support is something which will change the lives of young women in South Sudan forever. If you want to support this project please visit our website

What we have built so far is outlined below:
1. We have a large block of land 240 x 150 meters and hand water pump that was given to the local community.
2. We have four classrooms which we will use for computer classes and one as an office for the time being.
3. We have built a house of two rooms and lounge room. This house will take 16 boarders because most of the student travel from a very far distance, sometimes they travel for two to three hours to come to school walking.
4. We have dug a large well which is used only for building and watering the grass.

Next step:
We are aiming to officially open our school in April of this year.

Before April we plan to:
1. We must have toilet and kitchen so that we are given food by World Food Program.
2. We need to have twenty beds for students who will be in the boarding house.
3. We need to have a fence for the boarding house and generator.
4. We need to finish the roof of the two classrooms.

Our budget for the next stage (starting before the end of February) is:
1. Building of 10 toilets $9,000
2. Fence for boarding house $8,000
3. Finishing the roof of the two classrooms $9,000

Any assistance you can offer is greatly appreciated. I will send more information very soon.
The community in Aweil love you all.

SSEG Vice President
South Sudan Educates Girls

Educate a Women, Educate a Nation

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