10 Guiding Principles of SSEG

  1. Every child has a right to an education.img_1563
  2. It is through education and practical complementary support that communities are able to move to a more sustainable, self-determined future.
  3. Any support provided to communities should always reflect and directly support the wishes of that local community.
  4. SSEG is an open and transparent not-for-profit initiative, and membership is open to all.
  5. All funds raised by SSEG should be directed explicitly to the group’s nominated projects.
  6. SSEG is non-political and makes no distinction in regard to race or religion with the delivery of its services.
  7. SSEG strives to ensure that its services are delivered within the context of existing local community and cultural practices and norms.
  8. Other kinds of support (health care, hygiene, accommodation etc) can be provided by SSEG to that same community on the provision that that support is complementary to the provision of educational services.
  9. SSEG acknowledges the dignity of all people and strives at all times to act ethically, fairly and sensitively in all its dealings.
  10. SSEG acknowledges that the welfare and well being of its members and those who are beneficiaries of its support should all be the highest priority.

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